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Written with women in mind, Tri the Journey is an inspirational guide to becoming a triathlete in 12 weeks.   A comprehensive overview offers guidance on overcoming obstacles, selecting proper equipment and a race day run-down on what to expect.

Authors Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon share their expert knowledge in getting from inactive to athlete.  Less about winning a race and more about a journey to cross the finish line, the authors highlight personal stories from women who have experienced the ‘triathlon high’ despite health issues and phobias.

The simple techniques and beginner advice inspire anyone with an interest in fitness to learn the skills and motivation to complete the journey, while the weekly training advice offers support and direction.

From teens to baby boomers, Tri the Journey speaks to anyone who aims to achieve the unthinkable-completing a triathlon.  The life-changing personal stories demonstrate the mind, body and soul benefits that result from training for and completing a race.

About Tri the Journey

Tri the Journey is a collaborative effort by co-authors Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon to encourage women to experience a fitness program that can transform their lives.  For more information on where to purchase the book and upcoming speaking engagements by the authors, please visit

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