Please note: all training and the Indoor Tri are postponed until further notice. Please check back when new dates are posted. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Together We Tri...

~Natalie... I discovered TWT last year through my local park district and had such a great time, it must have shown because my sister was convinced to join me this year. Our coaches were a great source of inspiration and motivation as were my fellow TWT-er's. But, most of all, you find out that you can be your own (and other's) inspiration. The program is well worth it, especially if you're new to the sport, but my second time around was even better than my first because my sister was there! She's already close to beating me and she just started (competitively) running last year!!!

~Christine... I had always enjoyed cycling and swimming recreationally, but I picked up running in the Fall of 2005. My sister got me involved with TWT for the 2006 season, and we had the BEST summer training and racing together! I have now been bitten hard by the triathlon bug, and have set a goal to do a Half-Ironman distance race next summer. I never would have considered that an attainable goal without the support and encouragement I received from my TWT coaches and teammates!

~Dorthy... Without TWT, I would not have signed on for the International Distance at Accenture. As part of TWT, I got great coaching, encouragement and support. I also met a wonderful group of people with goals similar to my own. A great experience in every way.

~Caren... My experience with TWT far exceeded anything I imagined. I thought I was signing up for training, but what I got in return was much greater. I gained wonderful friendships and realized I can do just about anything if I put my mind to it. If someone told me I would be swimming a half of a mile in Lake Michigan, I would have never believed it. Now, when I face a challenge in other parts of my life, I remember what I have accomplished (through TWT) and know that I can get through whatever it is I am facing.

~Joanne, age 54…I have the confidence now to attempt other athletic challenges and now know that my age does not have to prevent me from learning and improving in sports.

~Corrine, age 34…The program gave me a confidence that I did not have before. It made me realize that almost anything I put my mind to and prepare for properly I can do. Thanks for the experience!

~Michael, age 26…Thank you. My confidence in myself is at an entirely new level. I have proven to myself that I can still compete and accomplish whatever it is I put my mind to. I couldn't have done this if it weren't for the excellent coaching staff and all of your faith and positive reinforcement!

~Allison, age 60…I have always flirted with the idea of completing a triathlon. Now I have. I don't live with regrets and never intend to stop reaching new goals. Thank you for sharing your gift.

~James, age 30…It's frightening to undertake something like Mrs. T's---The world's largest triathlon---without support. I will definitely continue to train throughout the winter and participate in multiple triathlons next summer. I'm hooked!

~John, age 40…You deserve all the thanks in the world. You knew that I was terrified of the swim and not very good at it and you transformed my confidence and my stroke. I owe you so much because I know that this will not be my last triathlon!

~Meghan, age 33…The relationships I have made and the experiences we have shared will be talked about forever. It just goes to show that nothing in life is out of reach…and that everything and anything is attainable.

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