In Season Team Training

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Please note: In 2019, we are transitioning our former three teams of Blaze, Glow 18/12, and Ignite 18/12, down to two programs: Team Season: 18-week Program, and Mid/Late Season: 12 week Program.



Team Season: 18-week Program

This training group accommodates all experience levels, from beginner to advanced, and will break into smaller groups by experience, intensity, or distance goals.
Beginner & Intermediate athletes: Harnessing the power of group training, athletes ignite their passion to exceed their current fitness level during the eighteen weeks of summer. Participants have a comfort level in one or more of the three, triathlon sports. The season commonly culminates with team races at the Chicago Tri, North Shore Triathlon, and Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie.
Advanced athletes blazing the trail to new PR's: Increase endurance, improve intensity and prepare athletes for bigger races, longer distances and pursuit of the podium.  Training is more intense and matches each athlete's performance goals.
Athletes compete at Sprint, Olympic, Half Iron and Iron levels.
(Formerly listed as Blaze 18, Ignite 18/12, Glow 18.)



Mid/late season: 12-WEEK Program

Team training for anyone looking to better their fitness level through multisport over a condensed season of only twelve weeks. Open to those with experience in any one or all of the three disciplines.  Training is scaled within the group providing intensity levels right for each athlete. The season commonly culminates with optional team races at the Glenview Park Center Triathlon, Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie.
Women’s Only 12-Week Program (formerly Glow 12)
Coed 12-Week Program – will train with our full season athletes after some modified introductions. (formerly Ignite 12)

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