Tri The Journey

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YOU Can Become a Triathlete. Join the Journey.

In Tri the Journey, authors Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon prove that triathlons are no longer reserved for super-athletes. This sport now attracts thousands of people who never thought they could swim, bike, and run. The best news is: triathlon races vary in distance with some shorter, more doable events available in nearly every state.

Written especially for women, this clear, practical guide offers detailed information for each sport, including, a no-nonsense list of equipment, how to begin training, and foolproof tips for overcoming obstacles. Tri the Journey is packed with stories of women who progressed from inactive to athlete within a few weeks. The authors’ weekly training program provides support and guidance that will give any woman the skill and motivation to complete a ­ first triathlon—or take her training to the next level.

Learning to love your body is a fantastic side effect of this book. Libby Hurley and Betsy Noxon prove we’re never too old or too sedentary to change our lives. Anyone with an interest in ­ tness, nutrition for athletics, running, swimming, biking, or training for any athletic endeavor will have a hard time putting this book down.

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