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I have done things I never thought possible. I learned about what I am capable of and how I can do just about anything I set my mind to. Triathlons have empowered me in such a deep way. It is never about the time or place I finish; it’s always about doing the best I can and knowing no one can take that away from me.

-Nancy Hurst

I still can’t believe I’ve done three triathlons. Each time I crossed the finish line, I was already looking forward to the next training season and the next race. After being a stay at home mom and never an athlete, training and competing were challenging new experiences for me. Meeting with the group twice a week was a great way to stay motivated. I always looked forward to the daily workouts alternating between swim, bike, and run. Three years later, I still look forward to these daily workouts and I continue to improve my endurance, distance and strength. I continue to tri because crossing the finish line, when you never thought you could, is the greatest feeling – right up there with getting married, having kids, and graduating from college. I never could have imagined I would add the word “triathlete” to the list of other words I use to describe myself: wife, mother, friend, daughter, and sister. I look forward to every step of this journey I never thought I would be on.

-Karen Kurkowski

For quite a while, I lacked energy, strength, and self-confidence. Training for and completing a triathlon changed my life in many ways. Not only have I met many amazing people during this journey, I also started to believe in myself again. At first I was fighting to get better for my family. Over time, I realized I needed to do this for myself – to feel whole again. Several times along the way (including when I was sick) I felt like giving up. I am so proud of myself for persevering and fighting to become strong. I feel blessed to have this chance.

-Kathy Ryan

I love and admire the sport. Triathlon created a whole new community for me, beyond what words can say. Whenever I’m having any kind of self-doubt, I think about triathlon. I feel I can overcome anything. I truly use this experience and what it’s done for me.

-Jamie Damato Migdal

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